Leafletting for Vegan Outreach

Yesterday I went on my first solo outreach adventure at York University. I handed out 300 of Vegan Outreach‘s “Your Choice” booklets in 35 minutes! I couldn’t hand them out fast enough. It is an amazing feeling to know that because of just 35 minutes of my time, 300 people read about animal cruelty issues and veganism.

Leafleting is a numbers game. About 1 in every 200 people who receive a booklet make an immediate change to their way of life, while many more become more willing and susceptible to change. This means that every vegan advocate is opening up the possibility for another advocate’s efforts to be more effective. According to a friend and fellow leafleter, and based on how many animals a vegan spares every year, this means that 1 animal is spared for every 2 booklets distributed.

Counter to what it might seem, leafleting is the perfect form of activism if you’re a shy person. You don’t need to say a word, just stand in people’s way and shove booklets at them. Some will decline, but many more will gladly take them and start reading. Some will even ask great questions. I’ve had the best luck by simply saying, “here ya go,” as though I’m doing them a favour by giving them a booklet – which I’m happy to say, I am.

3 thoughts on “Leafletting for Vegan Outreach

  1. This seems so cool! I have always wanted to go leafleting, but felt worried about doing it by myself. Knowing that you were able to, I will look into trying it sometime! Where on the university campus did you leaflet? Thanks for sharing your experiences! 🙂

    • Thanks! I definitely recommend trying it! I leafleted in the entrance area to a central building on campus with heavy pedestrian traffic. I was very nervous before starting, but once I handed out the first one, the rest flowed easily. People tend to follow what others do, so if one person takes one you can usually get a bunch more in a row. But if someone declines, you get a bunch of declines in a row and need to wait 10 seconds and start again! It can be helpful to start out with another person so you feel less awkward. I contacted Vegan Outreach directly and asked about leafleting and they connected me with someone in my city. I went out with her a few times first before venturing out on my own.

  2. Do give it a try, Leila. Pretty much everyone is nervous about doing it at first, but it is easier than you would think once you get going, and very effective. Many people who leaflet regularly are introverts, including me! Vegan Outreach is a good source of support, they will put you in touch with someone in your area, and there is an email list where leafleters can see what everyone else is doing. If you like, check this out:

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