Esther the Wonder Pig’s Birthday Party

I had the privilege of attending Esther the Wonder Pig‘s 2nd birthday party in July.

“For a group of dedicated animal lovers and advocates, this party was truly a dream come true. Enjoying the company of others working to spread the message of compassion and justice for animals while having the privilege of sharing an afternoon with the beloved Esther and her gracious hosts is a glimpse of the world we strive to create everyday.

When advocating for animals it can be easy to get lost in statistics. Esther reminds us that we’re fighting for individuals. She reminds us that every individual animal, if given the opportunity, will shine with a unique personality and inevitably permeate the sometimes heartbreaking world with a little more heart.

Her story is powerful. It speaks volumes to the often unseen reality of animal agriculture, to the complex emotional and intellectual lives of farmed animals, to what the generosity and commitment of a small group of individuals can accomplish, and to the incredible transformative power of education and an open mind.”

Read the full story at One Green Planet

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